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What is Vertical

The Coin

Vertical is a cryptocurrency that is focused on privacy and utility. The coin is a fast, private and secure payment option with a decentralized supply. Vertical is a proof-of-work and masternode hybrid coin, meaning that individuals can earn coins by operating masternodes (vNodes) or mining to support the network. It is similar to trading bitcoins using the bitqt app on a daily basis and earning profit. Check this bitqt erfahrung for more detials.

Coin Specs.

Block Size 2 MB
Proof-of-Work Algorithm Lyra2z
Block Time 2 minutes
PoW Block Reward 32 (24 for POW - 8 for MN)
Coin Maturity: 50
Masternode collateral: 3750 VTL
Difficulty Retargeting The LWMA Algorithm
Maximum Supply 35 million
Premined 0.7%
SegWit Yes
Masternodes Enabled (vnodes)
Once Total Supply runs out, 1 VTL per block reward indefinitely

For the People

Vertical focuses on being a true community coin offering miners and masternode owners a private and fast currency that remains true to the basics of what a cryptocurrency should be. Vertical offers 75% rewards to miners and 25% to Masternodes.

LWMA difficulty integration

LWMA Difficulty Integration
This "LWMA" algorithm estimates current hash-rate in order to set difficulty to get the correct solve times by dividing the harmonic mean of the difficulties by the Linearly Weighted Moving Average (LWMA) of the solve times. It gives more weight to the most recent solve times. It is designed for small coin protection against timestamp manipulation and hash attacks. The basic equation is:

next_difficulty = harmonic_mean(Difficulties) * target_solve time / LWMA(solve times)


Vertical launches with Zerocoin enabled. Block times and number of confirmations needed enables speed to be a priority. The Lyra2z algorithm discourages ASIC use with a strong resistance and thus buying Lyra2z hashpower on the secondary market is not as easy as other algorithm candidates.

Our Roadmap
Greatness Takes Time

The Vertical roadmap reflects our short, medium, and long term development goals. We are focused on creating viable solutions for the modern economy and plan to leverage our Mining, Commerce, and Masternodes platform to do this. Our development objectives for 2018-2019 are:

Q1 - 2018

Vertical Branding
Wallet / Blockchain development
Blockchain Testnet

Q2 - 2018

Mainnet Launch
Exchange Listings
Mac Wallet
Marketing Phase 1

Q3 - 2018

Marketing Phase 2
Web Wallet
LBK3 New Algorithm
Vertical Miner

Q4 - 2018

Integration for ecommerce payment
Ledger Integration
Mobile Wallet
Community request

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Our hard working Team

Interdisciplinary teams with big ideas. Design and prototyping from day one.

Our Masternode
Installation Guide

Vertical Masternodes are an integral part of the network; reduce wild supply and price swings as well as aide in the process of transactions. They are a critical part of the vertical ecosystem and setting up a Masternode is simple and anyone with 3750 VTL is able to be part of our decentralized community.Vertical nodes are incentivized and provide validation services for private transactions, but have no visibility to those transactions other than providing mathematical proof that a zVTL mint took place for a given transaction.

This guide will help you get started!